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I do like to write and read poetry.....Hope you like it:

The Little Grey Bird

He came and sat upon my ledge not in the middle, just on the edge

Not brightly coloured as some I've seen, he was grey of feather

and black of beak, Indistinctive so to speak

But sunlight now shone upon his form, his feathers a glistening

his eyes a shine, this little grey bird, come in from the storm

I sat very quietly, I sat very still and listened to the magical

sound of his trill, He was an angel come to visit that day

The little bird in his body of grey.

Copyright: Sheryl Mayfield-Smith







The Rose

I spied upon a summer’s day
Roses in a garden bed  
Some in single, some in spray
A smile came upon my face
Fear was lost and so was dread
As I languished in the sight and smell
That went directly to my head.

In wonderment I believe
The angels tendered every flower and leaf
Nourished, and tilled the earth beneath
Oh! Glorious rose
Your beauty shines from heaven above
Hand in glove
The flower of love!

Oh! Glorious earth
Creator of colour, vibrance and smell
Intoxicating to the spirit
In this place—I wish to dwell
Anything that I suppose
That lifts your spirits. Upon a glance
I grasp with gratitude
Akin to the excitement of a new romance

Magic has played it’s part
The canopy of colours
Makes one gasp!
Like cupids arrow
They pierce the heart
Whether sunn on high
Or darkness gloom
Their magnificence, will always bloom

The Rose—The Flower Of Love
Sent to us from God above! 

Copyright : Sheryl Mayfield-Smith


Part 1

Thinking upon life as such
Tooing and Frowing – rushing - rush
Take a minute, take a second
Look around, smell the air
Look in amazement –
At what needs seeing
What needs care.
Growth is never-ending, unbending
Crime, Passion, Disasters
The messages we are sending!

Beliefs are scattered
Like dust upon a plane
Some good, some bad and some
That need to be washed down the drain.


Life can be as a mask
Covering reality, every hard task
The openings – for breath, sight and ears
Are our only outlet for reality and tears
Thus partially masking our facial fears.

Part 2

Removing the Masks That Binds Us”

Lift up your heart, outstretched arms
Take what is universally yours
Make the statement, don’t hide away
Be free…. be free…… be free I say
A mask in reality is only made from clay!
Easily broken like old habits and traits
Free up you life, the statement states!


Take off the mask
That binds you dear
Release all troubles, obstacles
And fear
Live life as intended
Pure light and love
Be who you are
In the image of god
The one source which is you and me
Creative, abundant, playful
And free!!            

Copyright : Sheryl Mayfield-Smith



There is magic in the air
Flowing freely, without a care
Magical Ways
Magical Days
Magic everywhere God displays

Beauty surrounds us in every tree & leaf
Flowers that deny belief

Life without Magic can be dark
So light up your life
With passion and spark

Even just a kind remark
Can bring Magic to your day
Divinely guided, like
Laughter and play

Magic is all around us
Just open your eyes and see
The magical existence
Of you and me. 

Copyright : Sheryl Mayfield-Smith



2009 © Sheryl Mayfield-Smith





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2008 © Sheryl Mayfield-Smith