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Sheryl's FAQs & Testimonials

Psychic Readings - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is a reading in person?
From 30 minutes to 60 minutes or as long as you need.

Q: What does a personal reading cost?
30 mins is $50.00  1 hour $100.00  90mins $150.00

Q: Where abouts are you?
I am on the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia.

Q: How do I contact you?
For appointments please phone 0413 623 758 or email

Email Readings

Q: Do I send a photo?
Yes, it is preferable if you have one.

Q: Can I ask specific questions?
Yes you may ask questions or just see what the universe sends you.

Reading - Testimonials

Testimonial for Sheryl

Sheryl did an email reading for me recently and it was amazing! She was able to answer a lot of questions that had been on my mind for some time and offer some great advice through the ‘cards’.

I had been really struggling with things since my mum passed 3 and ˝ years ago and Sheryl was able to connect with my mum and pass on a lovely message. She also did a reading for my two sisters who also got to hear a message from our mum. It was so overwhelming and wonderful to hear from her and we are so grateful to Sheryl for being able to give us that.

Sheryl also gave us some insight into what the future holds, which is very exciting! I am just so thankful to Sheryl for helping me and my sisters through her truly amazing gift!

I recommend anyone who has been thinking about having a reading done to contact Sheryl, you will not be disappointed!

Thank you again Sheryl, YOU are a gift!

: ) Angela


I was at a low point in my life when a friend suggested I go to see “The Angel Card Lady”, so I made an appointment, and ,  before I had even sat down in the chair offered, Sheryl told me something that I had been thinking, but had never really voiced to anyone, to say I was stunned was an understatement.

I was astounded by her accuracy, as I had never seen a clairvoyant before and had no idea what they actually did, but Sheryl certainly gave me so much information and was so warm and caring that I had an instant repour with her and I have had several readings since that day almost a year ago.

When my father passed away last August, Sheryl helped me deal with his death, she gives me messages that he has sent and I know they are from him, as no one else could possibly know the details. She gives me so much hope and I am amazed by her gift and talent, she is a remarkable woman and I have sent many of my friends to see her and each have come away with a sense of wonderment and awe.

I would be the first to recommend Sheryl for any of the services she has on offer,  having sampled a few now, I know she is never far away if I need some spiritual advice or guidance, she is one remarkable lady!

Bless you dear lady!



I met Sheryl a couple of years ago for a reading at a very low point in my life. Her reading was beyond words and the best I have ever had. Her readings just get better and better. Sheryl would be the most compassionate person I have ever met and her readings will not disappoint you.

Lots of Love



Hi Sheryl,

Thanks for your time on Friday night. I really appreciated it and as time passes slowly I feel better. On and upwards from here.

For you:

From my expereinces with Sheryl she is incredibly accurate. Sheryl was able to clearly visualise images and translate messages from the spirit world to me. Information that no one possibly knew. She was able to also "sense" feelings of other people and has an uncanny ability to sense others emotions. Sheryl would also deliver her readings in a manner that enhanced development and made you think. Overall Sheryl's accuracy for events, people I have meet, and expreices are spot on and I would highly reccomend her!

- Kate, Melbourne.


Dear Sheryl,

I had a reading with you on Wednesday the 10th at 1100. I would just like to thank you so much for one of the most beautiful experiences I have had in a while. You are a gift to this world and I count myself lucky that I have had the opportunity to have met you and that I had the opportunity for you to have shared your gift with me.
Please take care, and thank you again, you radiate beauty and joy.

Kind regards,


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