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August: 2009

Blessings Everyone,

Welcome to summer, er I mean spring, er I mean summer, well it sure has felt like summer recently, the weather has been magnificent.  And living so close to the beach, I feel blessed.  This time of year also makes me contemplate on more physical activities, like walking (for us older folk haha) or swimming, something to shed off the winter. Everyone and everything seems to come alive this time of year, a renewed sense of - lets get back out there and enjoy oursleves, start a -fresh. I find this is a good time of year for Rituals and meditation on the north, south east and west, it is a way of reconnecting to the earth, and clearing and harmonizing our lives...... light rituals are a great way to start, and using a clear quartz crystal while doing so is more powerful as you are infusing your intentions into the light with crystal clear intentions.

If anyone has the Angel Bible I recommend  a wonderful Ritual called "The Cross Of Light Ritual" the purpose of this is to bring purification, blessings and balance.

If for you by just enjoying nature and getting out to do a bit of exercise is all you need to clear and balance yourself, then that is right also, so enjoy the sunshine everyone.

I have added below some information from my friend Barbi who is offering free diving lessons if this is something you may like to try. Please contact Barbi for any forms or more information.

please find our flyer for our free come n try diving lessons at both Chandler Aquatic Centre Brisbane and Kawana Aquatic Centre Sunshine Coast
These lessons are open to beginners, gymnasts, adults, children etc.
No diving experience neccessary.
Bookings are essential.
Please pass on to anyone who you feel may be interested in having a go at this exciting fun sport!!!!!
Barbi Donnet Carver
Donnet Diving Club Qld Inc


A healing morning in Coolum is on the cards (pardon the pun *smile*)
A venue is to be established as yet but I will inform you of those details in the coming newsletters. A few of my friends and myself have been wanting to offer our services in the way of a healing morning to help anyone who needs a shift to the next phase of their life. Healing is a wonderful way to do this. At this stage we have 3 healers of different modalities offering their unique healings/services. I will do readings of a healing nature as well (cards/stones/intuition) The cost will only be $15.00 which includes morning teaÖ10am to 12 noon So watch this space for more information to come..  Unfortunately the venue we thought we may have aquired is no longer available, so we will continue on our search. NB: Sorry this event has been put on hold now to a date to be fixed in the future.




Making sure that you are not disturbed especially by a phone settle yourself comfortably with your crystal. (any crystal) hold it in both hands and place it on a low table in front of you.

Breathe gently letting your last out-breath be a little longer than the in-breath. As you breathe out, let go of any stress or tension you may be feeling, as you breathe in let peace flow with your in-breath passing right through your body.  Allow your breathing settle into an easy rhythm.

With softly focused eyes, look at your crystal. Notice its colour, its shape, its weight, if you are holding it, feel its vibrations passing into your hands.  Allow yourself to wander within the crystal, exploring its inner planes,  When you are ready, close your eyes, quietly contemplate the energies of the crystal and let it teach you about itself.

When you have completed the meditation open your eyes and put the crystal aside. Place your feet firmly on the floor, to ground yourself, hold a smoky quartz or Boji stone.



Quote of the Day: 

Nothing needs to be fixed. Everything is unfolding perfectly. So when you stand in your now accepting that all is well, then from that vibration, you become surrounded by more and more evidence that all is well. But when you're convinced that things are broken, that there is pollution, or that things have gone wrong, or that the government is doing conspiracies... then what happens is you get caught up in that vibration, and you begin to manifest that kind of stuff, and then you say, "See, I told you that things were going wrong."

--- Abraham

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther


Affirmation for the Day:

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.

I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack.


As always, I recommend primarily using one-word switchwords, especially for beginners -- itís the most easy, simple, focused, and effective way. Nevertheless, I have found some useful combinations of switchwords for financial increase. The most important are TOGETHER-COUNT and TOGETHER-FIND: to be in a together state while making money or building a fortune; to "have it all together" financially; to make money with a group of people; to ensure that your money-making and fortune-building activities are ethical, harmonious, enjoyable, and beneficial to yourself and others.   James T Mangan (discoverer of switchwords)

say this combination over and over it really works!- from the Switchwords E Book.


Interesting Sites:




New Love

Card Meaning: A new chapter in your love life begins, whether it is with a new partner or rekindled love in a current relationship.

Open your heart to a new infusion of Divine love, through a partner in your life. The angels are preparing you to be aware of new people entering your life, as a new mate may be unlike your previous partners. Be open to changes in your current relationships, and don't cling tightly to ideas of how you think relationships should be. This is a time of wondrous changes in your love life, and you are asked to trust God and your guardian angels to work things out for your highest good.

Changes in your love life will only be painful if you are rigid in your thoughts or behaviors. If you flow with the current of love, you'll find that old parts of your love life wash away. They are rapidly replaced by new aspects that will delight you. Current relationships may end, or they may act as a transition into a new phase of passion and renewed love. Or, a new partner may enter your life, inspiring great happiness for you





1.Ask & It Is Given - Jerry & Ester Hicks

2.  The Amazing Power Of Animals - Gordon Smith

NB:   I would like to inform everyone that I am now doing phone readings by appointment, details and prices are on my website, please contact me via email or text  thank you.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support in my work

Stay Safe and Blessings till next time, Sheryl J

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