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Jun 2008


Hi to Everyone,

My newsletter is getting out later than I expected this month but a big warm welcome for June, the weather has been kind and we have the chance now to wear those wonderful woolies we had put away..

Some wonderful news that Gerry & Esther Hicks are coming to Australia, in our part of the land at the Gold Coast on December 7, you can see the details if you check their website, Im putting it out there that I can attend.

Upcoming Events:      1.    Psychic expo Peregian Beach Hotel (Upstairs Mezz Bar)  now on 22nd August(Friday) to 24th (Sun)…I and other friends will be working at the expo..Healings, Readings, Gong Master, Numerology, and lots more.

More  wonderful news that a good friend of mine(Demi) has now her website up and running, along with her story in the new book “The Path To Success” (Compiled by Sandy Foster) lots of truly wonderful and inspirational stories in this book which is available for sale on Demi’s new website  Congratulations Demi, I can highly recommend the book, I was truly inspired..

Another notable mention is for Ian & Lorraine Hildebrand who are doing vortex energy healing, reconnective healing, I hear they are getting some wonderful results from their work, We are hoping to see them at the Peregian Markets soon, if you would like to contact them for a healing ph: 07-5446 1919 or 0415 291 956.

What a beautiful full moon this month, time for clearing and planting the new seeds for your abundance.  Light a candle, say a prayer, chant a spell, love life..

Thought for the Day:             Change your thoughts, and you change your destiny. (Joseph Murphy)

Affirmation for the Day:        New fields of Divine activity now open for me, unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free!!

Angel Featured this time: Zadkiel (pronounced ZAD-kee-el) His name means “righteousness of God” . He heals memory problems and assists with other mental functions,  Many scholars believe that Zadkiel was the angel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. The Kaballah describes Zadkiel as a co-chieftan who assists Michael in protecting us from lower energies.                     Cont… page

I have been very busy last 3 weeks which I am truly grateful for, plus  my masterstones are in the process of production, with the bags being finished today for collection, I am in the process of having the scroll printed and am confident that I will have the stones ready for production and sale by end August.  I use my masterstones in each reading and find that they confirm that the universe is sending us unique messages through them, their touch is tactile, smooth, and spiritual.

If anyone would like to book in for a reading or an email reading just give me a call 0413 623 758  or check out my website  for email. I am still working at the Wishing Well at Coolum (New Age Shop) 4 days, or have a reading at my home in Peregian Beach, thankyou.

Have a wonderful and successful Month, till next time take care,

Blessings Sheryl J



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