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May: 2009

Blessings Everyone,

Here we are coming to the end of another Month, time flies doesn’t it? The rain has come in abundance, I know this is seen as a nuisance sometimes but we must thank the universe for such a plentiful supply so as that everyone can share this precious commodity.
I have pondered recently about the excuses we make every day for not fulfilling our lives, we all do it even when we know what’s best for us, this keeps coming up in my work and with friends and within myself so I made the decision that it was time to stop making excuses and do what was necessary even if in only one area of my life and amazingly things have just turned around for me in that area within a 2 week period, yes it can be that fast…….and because I have been focusing on it, up comes this book from Dr W Dyer about that very thing. So I have put the information below for your perusal. Enjoy it does work!






The Number One Excuse That’s Keeping You Stuck
by Dr. Wayne Dyer

“What’s your excuse?” Dr. Wayne Dyer asks in his new book Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits.Everybody has excuses and Wayne has heard them all. “In my role as a counselor, teacher, and parent,” he says, “I’ve heard many reasons people use to explain an unhappy existence . . . and almost all of them fall into one huge category, which I call ‘excuses.’” What are these excuses for not living the happy, fulfilled life of your dreams? They range from "I Can’t Afford It" to "I Don't Deserve It" to "There Will Be Family Drama." Here's what Wayne has to say about the number one, most popular excuse—"I'm Too Busy":

I invited visitors to my Website to e-mail me their excuses for not living at their highest levels. In essence, I was interested in the excuses they have used in their lives. "I'm too busy" easily topped the list.

If you're overextended, know that you've chosen to be in this position. All of the activities of your life, including those that take up huge portions of your time, are simply the result of the choices you make. If your family responsibilities are problematic, you've opted to prioritize your life in this way. If your calendar is crammed, you've decided to live with a full schedule. If there are way too many small details that only you can handle, then this, again, is a choice you've made.

Surely, one of the major purposes of life is to be happy. If you're using the excuse that you're too busy to be happy, you've made a choice to be busy, and in the process, you've copped out on living your life on purpose. If you've substituted being busy for actively and happily fulfilling your destiny, you need to reexamine your priorities. Here is my mentor, Thoreau, on unexamined priorities: "Most men [or women] are engaged in business the greater part of their lives, because the soul abhors a vacuum, and they have not discovered any continuous employment for man's noblest faculties."

Don't let your soul languish in an unfulfilled vacuum. Instead, begin to examine just how you prioritize your life. All the details that occupy it keep you from a destiny that you're aware wants your attention. Contemplate these encouraging ideas to counter the "I'm too busy" excuse:

  • I know that I'm not a bad parent if I don't arrange my life to be available to chauffeur the children every day until they're adults.
  • I'm allowed to say no to requests that keep me from having time to pursue my life purpose.
  • There's no such thing as "a place for everything and everything in its place."
  • There's no right way to do anything.
  • I can have it my way because there are no absolute universal rules.

It isn't my purpose to delineate all of the ways in which you can unload this excuse category. Practicing delegating, getting others to help out, and taking time for yourself are all possibilities as well. Henry David Thoreau is right when he says that there are nobler faculties you need to pay attention to, in addition to all of those other details that occupy your life. If you fear the part of your soul that's calling you to a higher place, then you'll probably continue to haul out this particular excuse.

Change this pattern by never saying or implying that you're too busy. Just drop it, and replace it with the following affirmation: I intend to take time for myself to live the life that I came here to live, and to do it without ignoring my responsibilities as a parent, spouse, or employee.

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