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Sheryl’s Newsletter

November 2008

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?, the busy/silly season has started in earnest and we rush about thinking of gifts and food and expenses, getting those cards away, but its also a time for family and a break from work, so enjoy the moments all of them, spend quality time with friends and loved ones, this is a time for giving and love.  Miracles happen when we appreciate that these are gifts in themselves.

I have found recently in my work that animals have featured many times, so I felt that they are certainly worth a mention in this Newsletter.   I found this wonderful site called Sacred Scribes, an E-book is offered for $5. This is an excerpt:


 The Secret Language of Animals and Nature

Ancient cultural and tribal wisdom from all around the world looked to the secret language of Mother Nature for guidance, advice and knowledge.  In particular, the activities and behaviours of the animals were of interest.

Animals were looked upon for nourishment, healing, their direction and their law.

The ancient teachings of the early Australian Aboriginals, African peoples and Native Americans, are still recognized today and practiced on a daily basis by many of their people.

The skills they used are easy to learn and interpret, with practice and patience, by those who look to the old ways for answers on all levels  -  physical, emotional and spiritual.

Animals leave signs that indicate their presence while also leaving a constant trail of messages intended for those who seek them out as teachers and counsellors.


covers such topics as:

The Secret Language of Animals and Nature
The Psychic Awareness of Animals 

Communicating Intuitively with Pets       
Telepathic Bonds
Animals Have Foresight 
Everyday Warnings From Pets 
Animal’s Predictive Powers
Choosing A Pet
The Use of Pendulums in Finding a New Pet 
Dreaming About Animals 
Choosing the Right Name
Animals Speak
Angelic Assistance for Animals 
Animals On The Other Side
Crystals, Herbs and Flower Essences
Symbology -  Animal Qualities and Strengths
Native American Animal Symbology
Astrology and Pets

Animals, both domestic and wild, play an intricate part in our lives, giving unconditional love, assistance, companionship and devotion.

Animals have been known to warn and protect humans from all kinds of disasters, both natural and health-wise.

Our remarkable bond with our animals inspires us to give love and care, with the reward of many hours of joy and healing in return.

All of the world’s animals  -  large, small and in between, deserve our love, respect and honour.


ebook format

77 pages

$ AU 5.00


To order a copy of the ebook, please visit the Website Store

or email



A good friend is offering for people to learn basic web design for a very reasonable price, I will put details below:

Learn Basic Web Design

Why spend $1000s on a Website?
Sunshine Coast QLD

Learn how to make your own web pages using Microsoft Front Page 2003.

Let me Show You How to Create Your Own Site
Cheaply & Economically

You can learn to build your own website using Microsoft Front Page.
If you have basic computer skills and are familiar with Microsoft programs like Word or Publisher then it won't take long to get your site up and running.

"Being able to create your own website is such a valuable skill.. and lot of fun to boot!"

Build Basic Web Pages on a Budget.

Learn :-)

  • How to buy a domain name.
  • Which hosting options are best for you.
  • How to create great pages.
  • About page titles & other info required by the search engines.
  • How to upload your website up to your host.
  • How to create a Paymate account and a basic shopping cart.



Ian Also offers professional services as below: -

Professional Digital Studio Offering Quality Voice & Music Productions.

  • Calm, Supportive Recording Environment.
  • Background Music Supplied
  • CD Duplication 

Health, Alternative Health or Self Help Industry Professionals 
can benefit from having their own CD to offer their clients.

Healing Meditations, Guided Meditations, Relaxation & Visualisation Meditations, Self Help & Stop Smoking CDs.  Hypnotists - Self Hypnosis CDs
Anything relating to your knowledge and skills can be professionally recorded onto CD for your clients.

Earn extra income while helping your clients with a professional recording.
We do CD duplication or reproduce CDs yourself as you need them. 
Use your own background music or let us supply suitably ambient music. 

Call Ian for more info 
 (07) 5446 1919. 
 mob. 0415 291 956 


Ian and his lovely wife Lorraine are also reconnective healers, see links on the home page of my website:


Thought for the Day:          “ Show your love by listening”   

Affirmation for the Day:     “I AM GRATEFUL TO BE ME”

Angel Featured:   Ariel (pronounced AHR-ee-el). Which means “lioness of god”..she helps us provide for our physical needs (such as money, shelter and supplies). Ariel also assists with environmental causes, and the care of healing of animals.  Ariel works with Archangeol Raphael (who heals and helps animals) and the angelic realm called the thrones.  Historically, she’s associated with King Soloman and the Gnostics, who believed that Ariel ruled the winds.





This small-group Workshop will feature teachings from Florence Scovel-Shinn.  Teachings include wFacing our fears  wLetting Go  wAngel Intervention in our Lives  wChakra Clearing, and   wMeditation with Healing.  Workshop includes discussion time and non-resistance exercises.  You will need pen and paper, and an open mind.


When:            01/02/2009 (Sunday)

 Where:          15 Jabiru St, Peregian Beach.

Time:              10am  to   3.oo pm

Cost:                $65.00 (Includes lunch)

Contact:        Sheryl on 0413 623 758 or email me direct at  


SKYPE READINGS :  I am now offering a reading via skype, if you have skype downloaded on your computer and a camera, I can do a face to face reading for you via my computer, I am still offering Email readings of course, so please let me know if you would like a skype reading and we can book a time, thankyou….Prices will be on my website.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support in my work

Stay Safe and Blessings till next time, Sheryl J


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2008 © Sheryl Mayfield-Smith

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