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Celtic Angels

I Work with the healing angels, celtic angels and archangels.

Celtic Angels : Are spirits who take a special interest in the affairs of humans. They seek out people who are becoming more aware of the spiritual dimensions of their own life and try to help them progress. Through them people learn to fulfil their purpose in life, for each one of us is born with lessons to learn.

 Celtic Angels are happy to play the role of guardian and companion. They surround us all the time and we can access their help and advice, by simply asking for it. Celtic Angels, drawn from the realms closest to us, are useful because they have a real understanding and empathy with the human world and how it operates. These are the angels who are closest to us, and the easiest for us to reach.

If you want the celtic angels to come to you simply light a candle and as you do this say "As I light this candle, I call the angels to me" you can then either mediatate, pen a journal entry, say affirmations or simply enjoy their company. When you are ready to blow out the candle say "Thankyou for the light".............


There are many ways to ask Angels for help

1. Say it   2. Think it   3. Write it   4. Visualize it  5. Affirm it

The words are unimportant, because the angels
respond to the “prayer of your heart”

There are 15 Archangels                   Colours  For Each Archangel (Angel Lights)

Ariel                                                    Pink (pale)

Azrael                                                 Beige

Haniel                                                 Blue (pale almost white)

Raguel                                                Blue (aqua)

Zadkiel                                                Blue (dark)

Raphael                                              Green (bright emerald)

Chamuel                                             Green (pale)

Metatron                                            Green with dark pink

Jophiel                                                Pink (bright fuchsia)

Michael                                              Purple (bright, almost cobalt blue)

Raziel                                                  Rainbows

Sandalphon                                         Turquoise

Jeremiel                                              Violet (reddish purple)

Uriel                                                    Yellow (pale)

Gabriel                                                Yellow (dark)


You can ask your archangels for protection by asking them to surround yourself, loved ones and possessions with the white light of protection. They will respond immediately..


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