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Master Stones

Master Stones embody the Spirit in Form. They are teachers of the beauty and power of the physical realm

Born of a dream, channeled from above, a gift from the masters (heaven) I am thankful that these unique symbols were sent to me through a dream.  The channeled meanings are  listed below... Master Stones can give you the gift of healing, foresight, grounding with Mother Earth, The Earth has a Soul.


Stones flowing with the current, feel abundance flowing to you by means of the stones, so just go gently with the flow to a place you will know…

Key Words : Steady growth, strength, past life recall, inner peace, balance, joy, grounding. The future.

These uniquely hand crafted stones can be read clairvoyantly, Spiritually, Interpretation can be yours as you are divinely guided to the meanings of each stone. A great Tool for the Spiritual Practitioner or Healer or daily guidance for anyone on their spiritual journey of  enlightenment and inner peace.

A Reading from the Master Stones can guide and forcast future outcomes, The 7 stone reading can heal or forsee where you are in this moment of time,  and help connect to the earth and future outcomes. All the stones maybe used or as many as you feel necessary for each reading..Each stone has a special message to guide you.

AFFIRMATION : “ Nothing is too good to  be true, Nothing is too wonderful to happen, Nothing is too good to last when you look to God for your good”

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This is a symbol of stability,  ritual, solidarity and spiritual guidance, Life sometimes gives us challenges and this is the time of reflection for you to look into your heart  and change a situation where a more stable outcome is required.  Perhaps to change your daily ritual to something that feels more at peace with you.   This stone is here to tell you that it is possible, so be spiritually guided to stand in truth and feel the situation resolved.



This is a symbol of learning, knowledge and growth. The book represents many aspects of your life, what you have learned along life’s journey. It is now time to put into practice what you have learned, this can also be a good time in closing the book on outdated ideals and ways and learn new skills and go for it! Turn the page in your book!



The flight of a bird soaring in the sky symbolizes  Freedom.  You are now free from the constraints that have been holding you back, spread your wings and fly, take a chance, set your mind free, soar to greater heights and you will have the realisation of a dream that you have been waiting for. This stone also lets you know you have freedom of choice and financial freedom coming your way.



This card symbolizes a Gift From God, communicating with a higher realm in prayer will give you many gifts from God.  This symbol can also mean that you are at a crossroads in your life and a spiritual journey is about to start to take you to a wonderful new place ... Enjoy the moments along the way, and accept the gifts unconditionally.



Opportunity is knocking at your door. See the door as open, not closed. This card symbolizes a new phase  coming into your life and new opportunities. Go through the door and find the place that you have been wanting to go for some time now..  Go beyond your comfort zone and you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy the transition will be for this new and exciting phase for you.



Mother Earth is like a large beating heart, she nurtures us, guides us and ultimately grounds us.  This stone is letting you know that you are being grounded and are safe. This is also a period of growth for you, tend to your soil and see yourself blooming from the care you give to you. Take time to nurture yourself and the results will amaze you. Calmly go forward and feel the serenity that our Earth mother gives us.



The ending of the old and beginning of the new in your life.  On this stone the symbol shows us 2 endings with a window of opportunity in the centre, meaning that when the ending comes and the new window of opportunity is taken, be prepared for the endings of the old or outdated…. Keep love in your heart and believe that this ending is just part of your experience and journey. Have faith that the universe will help you with your releasing, stay strong as there is new joy coming to you.


FEATHER (Angel of Destiny)

This card represents your Angel of Destiny is keeping you in the way, the way of protection and the way your life is pre-designed. The feather also symbolizes angelic help on any level, so just ask for anything you need and you will be answered. We are all surrounded by Angels and no matter what we do in our life, they will never leave us., so trust when you get this stone that you are being helped in resolving a situation or simply getting an answered prayer.



A fence is sometimes recognized as a symbol of keeping things in or out. This could be emotionally, the fence also symbolizes a barrier, we all have emotional barriers to overcome, please take this stone as a sign to let go, release any barriers that do not serve you at this moment. You can also look at this card in a different light, turn it on its side and the symbol becomes something akin to  a railway track, (symbolizing you are on the right track/path) so turn your fence around and you will be on the right track once more.  Mend your fence, let go of the old.


FIRE (Passion)

This symbol of fire is a delight, it eminates the light, the spark and passion for the new and renewed passion in your life or career. Fire being one of the elements gives a feeling of warmth and wanting. This is also a sign that your creative side is awakening and brings with it the explosion of ideas that you know you have inside you, this symbol of light is also lighting the way for the new found passion coming into your world.



This stone symbolizes Belief , power and going forward, the future is looking promising, a time for planning and putting into motion your future plans. This symbol shows a maze or journey which brings us back to the centre, it is taking you to a more centered place in your life where all is perfect in your future, start to follow your plan and you will have a magnificent outcome.



The miracle of the heart beating with love. Love is everything and everywhere. This stone has been chosen because of the Life Force within you bringing love, gratitude and respect to all that you are connected with through Love. When we are in the state of love, everything is possible effortlessly. Love is here for you now.  Take a moment to be in the love consciousness and send out this love to mankind and the earth, miracles will happen from the amazing energy from our heart that beats to a universal drum of peace and love. Hold your hand on your heart and see the light that radiates within you and beyond you and feel it returning to you.


HUMANS (Mankind)

This stone represents the connectedness between people, the linking to one another on many levels. You have drawn this stone as a sign to go out and connect to your fellow humans, whether it be loved ones, partners or friends it is time to join in once again to life.  Enjoy the interaction, a new partner may also be entering your life very soon because of your willingness to reconnect. This symbol of mankind has many facets ancient and new but we are all connected by love, affected by love, the power of love is entering your life now.



What can we say about Joy, Joy is the ultimate feeling that makes us happy and smile. The joy of life, in music and all that surrounds us, a place of bliss. When we are in vibrational alignment with Joy we can manifest all that we desire in our life.  There is a time of great joy coming to you so take this stone as a sign for the opportunity for happiness,  Dance, sing, laugh, walk, run, be carefree.  Take that leap of faith that brings you to joy, it is here now for every part of your being.


LINKS (2 rings joined)

The image of the links on this card symbolizes commitment by the linking of two rings, a sign of marriage, a symbol of unity, joining together to one source.   Your destiny is about to be changed and you are asked to follow your intuition and inner guidance to take you to this wonderful place of love. The energy of the links (union) on this stone is powerful, whether spiritual or physical, it will have great significance in your life and represents unity.


MOONS (New Beginnings)

Full Moon, New Moon, represent new beginnings, the magical energy of the moon phases brings positive outcomes.  Embrace the new in your life, including people, projects and opportunities. Change can be frightening but trust the energy of the moon to boost your confidence and energy to go forth and enjoy all the new and exciting things that are coming to you now!

When the moon is full or new, the gravitational pull of the moon and sun are combined. Take the vibration and pull of the moon to enhance your manifestations and enjoy the abundance.



The open hand can represent receiving and being open to healing and acceptance. This stone also symbolizes reaching out and taking back your power. The many symbols of the hand, ie: lending a hand, a helping hand, healing hands are all relevant here, the gentle touch of a hand can make you feel accepted, loved, and appreciated.  Please take this opportunity, to grasp the hand of peace, within you is the power to accept all that is being offered to you here.



Life is like a River – flowing in many directions, sometimes branching out to make new rivers and streams, winding and traveling to new places, natural flowing and ebbing as in life.  This stone represents the new flow and direction that is coming into your life, idilic times ahead when you go with the flow, the time for paddling upstream is over.   You have asked for a more natural flow, this is confirmation that your new flow of all things is here. Enjoy!


ROAD (New Path)

You are on a new path in your spiritual journey, this is the road to your success. This stone represents a new journey is about to start for you. A new direction can sometimes be daunting as we often hold onto the familiar in our life, but it is safe to be open to new approaches to life, perhaps you are being called to take a fresh  or new way of looking at a situation, or taking the  new path to learn new skills but whatever is intended for you allow yourself to be energized by the fresh circumstances and be open to new teachings to which this new road will lead you.



The star is a symbol of hope, lighting up your life. The star and stars are forever present, guiding us to the wonders and workings of the universe. We love to wish upon a star so take this stone as an opportunity to wish upon your star and manifest your dreams into reality.  This card also represents the light that is in all of us, it is a guiding light to give love and light to all things spiritual and physical. You are the star, the light, shining bright in all that you do and be.



This interesting symbol comes to you in your reading asking you to  see clearly in an unbiased way, this stone wants you to free yourself of fear and have vision.    Clarity is the message of this stone, you are asked to look into a situation in a new way.  Your inner voice will guide you, meditate, relax and see the vision that is unfolding. Stand back and let the universe guide you to a new clear understanding.


STEPS (Ladder)

Take one step at a time,  The guidance offered to you from this stone is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, stepping up to the challenge, taking steps to improve your life.  It is time to reaffirm your belief in yourself and your ability to fulfill your purpose. Your mission here with love in your heart is to boldly go ahead and take the next step to your spiritual and physical commitment to the next phase of your life.  Be sure you are safe as you are guided towards your new and exciting  future.



You have drawn this symbol of stones which represents a new circle of life, or cycle of life that is happening for you now. Family is featured strongly here and the connection  or reconnection with family would serve you well at this time.  The stones have healing energies and they want you to listen to your inner voice and release any old hurts from this life and past lives.  The circle of stones show us beginnings and endings and creation of new life.



The tap is dripping! What does this mean for you?  This is showing us that things are not flowing as easily as we would like them to perhaps things are just coming in dribs and drabs, your purpose from this card is to turn on your tap so that the flow of life comes more easily. Trust your intuition and go with the flow.  Listen to your inner guidance signals, see things working easily and without effort, tap into the essence that is you. The Earth School can sometimes be hard but the spiritual guidance that is forever available will see you through each and every situation.



A symbol of Winning! Yes Victory is yours. You have had faith and been rewarded. The situation to which you were challenged has been overcome by your faith and fortitude. You have entered a time of shifting energies, success and positive growth have come to you from you staying centred.

This Stone wants you to be proud of your achievements, revel in the feeling of the joy and happiness of your victory.



The waterfall is a wonderful spectacle of nature, and the feeling of wonderment when viewed.  You have chosen this stone as a sign to go out into nature and renew your feeling of peace, enchantment and joy. Go outside, get some fresh air to relieve stress, this will also rejuvenate your creative side to gain new ideas.  The continual flow of the waterfall is like our life, but it also represents you are about to take a leap of faith. So dive right in. When you spend time in nature and look at the beauty,  lower energies are realeased and you feel re-energized and willing to take on any challenge.  So take this symbol as your new and continual energy flowing like the waterfall.




2008 © Sheryl Mayfield-Smith