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Spiritual Counselling

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Spiritual Counseling

Through spiritual counselling many difficult situations in life, whethercurrent+or in our past, can be effectively dealt with. Attitudes we are not happy with can be transformed. Emotional patterns, no matter how ingrained they may seem, can be altered. Mental fixations can be altered.

This allows us to move on to more constructive and rewarding scenarios in our lives and gives us a healthy start to coming into a greater fulfillment of who and what we truly are. All we need to do is really want to change. This want to change is the single, most fundamental key to real changes within ourselves. There is such a big difference to thinking we want to or "should" change - versus really feeling we want to change.

Spiritual Healing

This very effective yet gentle healing is suitable for adults and children alike. Promoting relaxation and deep healing with the understanding of the core beliefs that hold us back from optimal healing.

Spiritual healing may release stored emotions and often produces a sense of calm, clarity and peace. Especially beneficial for chronic conditions.

Spiritual Counseling & Esoteric Psychology

Spiritual counseling will allow you to explore and release deep seated issues you hold. As these are intuitively guided sessions, the Masters and guides currently around you will assist us through the healing. This will allow you to understand and release fears brought in from past lives and past experiences. The outcome of these sessions is the ability to embrace your life in the present moment, with renewed trust in your own inner wisdom.

What to expect during a session:

Any session brings an opportunity for you to have a deeper understanding of your own process and take responsibility for choices you have made in your life as we work together to resolve blocks in a gentle nurturing manner.
Each session is specifically tailored to your needs so that no two sessions are alike.
During the session remedial measures will be suggested to help you attain a clearer more complete sense of self.

In each session I use healing regression cd’s by Dr B Weiss to relax the client before beginning the journey…


By Appointment:  0413 623 758

Spiritual Counselling 1 hour $100.00

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