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Sheryl’s Newsletter

January 2009

Hello Everyone,

Hope January was all that you wanted it to be.  For those who took holidays or a break, Im sure you enjoyed your time out. I feel that January is an exciting time because it’s the beginning of a new year and so many things to look forward to, I say welcome to the new beginning.

January is also a busy time and for those who are busy like myself I would like to recommend meditation.  It’s a wonderful place to go and is a great stress reliever. And a great way in accepting and developing spiritual gifts. I will detail below an excerpt from the Angel Bible and an accepting technique (meditation)

If we ignore any aspect of ourselves we become fragmented. If we do not nurture our physical bodies they will quickly become unhealthy, and if we ignore our emotional needs we invite stress into our lives.  If we continually ignore our spirituality and fixate on worldly possessions we develop spiritual poverty.

In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest in meditation, yoga, Reiki and other activities that reduce stress and aid relaxation.  Through these techniques many people have begun to open spiritually, started to examine their lifestyles and choices. And learned how to nurture and accept all aspects of themselves.  We are all born not only with a guardian angel but also with amazing spiritual gifts that are our divine birthright.  In order to accept and develop your spiritual gifts, you will need to open and heal your Heart Chakra, so that you are always working from a place of love.

Here is an accepting technique that you can do.

What To Do:  

  1. Sit in a comfortable meditation position and relax.
  1. Close your eyes and focus gently on your breathing, allow it to become a little  slower and deeper than normal.
  1. Invoke Archangel Chamuel to help you, protect you and oversee the process.
  2. Touch your Heart Chakra in the centre of your chest and visualize your     Heart Chakra’s 12 lotus petals.  As you view them, notice if any are damaged-some petals may even be closed.
  3. Ask Archangel Chamuel to open the petals and repair any damaged ones.  The normal colour of the heart lotus petals are green, but as we evolve spiritually they change to a beautiful shade of pink. See how many of your heart petals are now pink.
  4. To close the healing session, bring yourself back to everyday waking reality.  Repeat the meditation at further sessions until all your heart petals are pink, your Heart Chakra is open and you are happy developing your spiritual gifts.

In the next newsletter I will dwell on the Soul Rescue and give you the Soul Rescue Technique…

*Note*  I am offering spiritual counselling  as part of my work with or without a reading, I will be offering this service at home only at Peregian Beach, or via email.  Please check the website for details/prices.




Archangel Michael is the protector of humanity and it is especially important o protect ourselves and others daily you can also summon Michael before a healing session or with any type of spiritual work or just in our daily lives.

What to Do:  

  1. Summon Archangel Michael at any time to give you immediate protection. He will place his cloak of protection around you.
  2. Use the following phrases:    “Archangel Michael, help me! Help me! Help me Archangel Michael, protect me from all harm”
  3. Imagine Archangel Michael’s cloak of protection around you, visualize a deep blue cloak with a hood covering you (or a loved one) completely from head to foot.



Spiritual Tour Package

My good friend Demi and myself are planning a Spiritual Tour to Ayers Rock ,

How exiting, come and join us!!  possible time end Aug/early Sept.   More information to come, I will keep you all updated in following newsletters, so watch this space!!!


Thought for the Day:  The Glass may be half full today – as yesterday it was half empty – it is the same glass – it is the same liquid – The prism of change is You.  Tomorrow it will be filling endlessly….(Noeleen P Segal)

Affirmation for the Day:     I am enjoying life, I am grateful

Angel Featured:  Guiding Angels – We all have a guiding angel who works with us as well as our guardian angel.  Your guiding angel will change as you evolve spiritually or need to learn different spiritual lessons.  Some people have several guiding angels working with them.  Guardian angels are sometimes called the “angels of prayer”.


I would like to add a poem that I have written, hope you enjoy.


Part 1

Thinking upon life as such
Tooing and Frowing – rushing - rush
Take a minute, take a second
Look around, smell the air
Look in amazement –
At what needs seeing
What needs care.
Growth is never-ending, unbending
Crime, Passion, Disasters
The messages we are sending!

Beliefs are scattered
Like dust upon a plane
Some good, some bad and some
That need to be washed down the drain.


Life can be as a mask
Covering reality, every hard task
The openings – for breath, sight and ears
Are our only outlet for reality and tears
Thus partially masking our facial fears.

Part 2

Removing the Masks That Binds Us”

Lift up your heart, outstretched arms
Take what is universally yours
Make the statement, don’t hide away
Be free…. be free…… be free I say
A mask in reality is only made from clay!
Easily broken like old habits and traits
Free up you life, the statement states!


Take off the mask
That binds you dear
Release all troubles, obstacles
And fear
Live life as intended
Pure light and love
Be who you are
In the image of god
The one source which is you and me
Creative, abundant, playful
And free!!            

                                                       Copyright : Sheryl Mayfield-Smith



I would like to thank everyone for their continued support in my work

Stay Safe and Blessings till next time, Sheryl J


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2008 © Sheryl Mayfield-Smith

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