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I hope that you all survived the festivities before and during the Christmas break...It seems such a rush before and then phew time to breathe, the day arrives and then before we know it its almost New Year. We are all excited about the new year being better and we start to make plans, I hope everyone is as excited as I am for our prospects for 2010.

This year has been a difficult one for many people but as they say a 9 year is an ending year and new beginnings in a 1 or zero year.. I found personally that this year was a year of letting go of many old learned conditions and it was also a clearing of clutter year.....There seemed to be an urgency for that this year, I feel we are preparing for a new way of thinking for the time to 2012.

So no matter how you spent Christmas whether with family and friends or by yourself just give thanks that we are here to enjoy it and let whatever you need to let go of on the New Moon 31st Dec, and because of your gratitude welcome all the new things coming for you next year!

Happy New Year to everyone of my blessed friends, thank you for your continued support this year, sending blessings and love to you all......


Work in Progress:

I have taken delivery of my first lot of spirit stones from Bali, I am so excited, so going long steadily with the preparation of packaging, still to come and enjoying the process, I would like to inform everyone also that I will have some beautiful Jasmine massage oil for sale as well either singularly or packaged with the stone of your choice, also the process of packaging and bottling in progress, so that is my update for this month. Look forward to showing you in picture form when all things come together.

Now that I am working fully from my home, I am available for readings there from Tuesday to Saturday, phone & email readings also available, please book in advance as some days are already filling up in January. thank you!

0413 623 758

Below a powerful message/prayer for the new year!


artwork gifted by Elizabeth Yelland

To our Community of the Heart:

Thank you for being a part of our lives, and sharing time
in 2009 together! 

May this New Year be one of Joy, abundance, good-will, peaceful
awakenings and graceful journeys.  May we have courage
to look for the blessing in every moment,  and the audacity
to celebrate it!

May compassion reign in our hearts and kindness ring
through every word.  May our waking dreams be filled
with joy, creativity and passionate pursuits. May our
hearts and minds be joined as One; unified within, so without.  

May we remember we are all Children of the Earth: kindred
spirits, brothers and sisters, members of the Great family
of Love.  

May we choose Love over fear;  unity and harmony over
separation and discord.  May we have the strength to claim
our authentic power; standing true in Word, action and deed,
and with firm resolve BE the change we wish to see in the world.

May our children see the Light of Love in our eyes.  May our
elders be honored for the wisdom each bears.  May every Heart
trust they are Divinely endowed with the birth-right to thrive,
and wake each day celebrating the Great-Full-Ness of life.

May we remember Heaven is within our Hearts, opening our
eyes to the sacred in all things.  May we breathe prayers of
thanks into each moment, and with reverence honor the gift
this Life brings.

This is our prayer.  We give thanks it is so!  And so it is!





Return to the Sacred Book

Return to The Sacred
Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening

Now available in tradepaper!
by Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D.


The Spark Book

The Spark: The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life
by Chris Downie


Crystal For The New year



Colour : Pink, White, yellow, lilac

The appearance of this crystal is clear with striations, all sizes and is readily available.

Attributes;    Danburite is a highly spiritual stone carrying a very pure vibration and working on the heart energy. It activates both the intellect and higher consciousness, linking it into the angelic realms, it's brilliance comes from cosmic light and Danburite is sometimes found with a Buddha formation within the crystal that draws enlightenment and spiritual light.  It smoothes the path ahead.

Wearing Danburite provides a link to serenity and eternal wisdom. Used in meditation, it takes you to a high state of consciousness and accesses inner guidance. This is also an excellent stone for facilitating deep change and for leaving the past behind.

Danburite is a very powerful healing stone, It clears allergies and cronic conditions and has a strong detoxifying action. It treats the liver and gallbladder. it adds weight to the body where required. It aids muscular and motor function.  When using the stone place as appropriate. especially over heart. Place Danburite under the pillow to promote lucid dreams.

Pink Danburite opens the heart and encourages loving oneself.



Quote of the Day: 

Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise." - Anon.

  It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all..

Affirmation for the Day:

Now is the appointed time! Today is the day of my amazing good fortune!!


Card of the Day

Front of Card

My mind is a powerful healing tool

Back of Card

Every illness holds a lesson for me to learn.


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PS: If anyone has a website they would like me to list in my newsletter just let me know and I will place it here.


we always get what we focus on... either the problem, or the solution...choose well


I would like to thank everyone for their continued support in my work

Stay Safe and Blessings till next time, Sheryl J

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