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Hello Everyone,

The days are passing quickly and we are now in March, because of time constraints in February I have decided to combine this newsletter with March.

I must say working from home has been very rewarding, I have been busy and loving it.  I do have time now to meditate and work my own hours thus a very relaxed Sheryl *smile*...I must say a big thank you to all the people who have found me now that I have left my place of work at the shop in Coolum.

I have a deeper level of understanding and peace of mind since working from home, I have been asking spirit and my guides to take me to a higher level. I thank them as some great things have been happening, I have rediscovered Malachite what an amazing crystal, I was prompted to wear it with each reading the last few weeks...It is a powerful Crystal and I have found my channeling has become more intense, I am connecting with passed love ones and guides even more, I do thank them for this...Some things that have come through have been very specific and helpful to people who need to heal and move forward.

I have also joined with other psychic's and mediums from around the world and am now an acvtive participant in online readings for people around the world, it is very rewarding to feel confident enough to be on the same level as some amazing mediums/clairvoyants/Healers from around the globe...I was honoured to be asked to participate.

Upcoming Events:

A reminder that the Wine & cheese afternoon at my place is still on the 20th March at 2pm. There will be 2 readers myself and Marie offering 15 minute readings as well for the low price of $20 so come and join us for a fun afternoon...I will also have some pure Jasmine massage oil for sale along with my new spirit stones if anyone would like to purchase some..

Venue : 15 Jabiru St, Peregian Beach.  or 0413 623 758 .


The Subconscious:

What is really yours? The blessings you bring to yourself, through your spoken or silent word; the things you see with your inner eye.  Only your doubts, fears and resentments keep your good from you, If you hate or resent a situation, you have fastened it to you, for you attract what you fear or dislike.  For example; someone has been unjust to you and you are filled with anger and resentment.  You cannot forgive that person.  Time rolls on and another person does the same thing. It is because you have a picture of injustice engraved in your subconscious,  History will repeat itself until you think you are cursed with misfortune and injustice,  There is only one way to neutralise it,  Be absolutely undisturbed by injustice and send good will to all concerned.  I feel daily affirmations are so important as they impress the subconscious (for the above say)  "My good will is a strong tower round about me. I now transmute all enemies into friends, all inharmony into harmony, all injustice into justice"

You will be amazed at the working of this law, I had a friend who bought harmony out of chaos in her business affairs by that statement.


Lets support our local talent, here is a wonderful metaphysical lady with a beautiful new book out and an inspiring website:

Bookings are essential.
Contact Patricia: (
Or phone: 07 54487115; mobile - 0402655682

Messages Of The Heart

Your heart is like a rose…
when open, radiates its splendor.
The loving essence that it releases,
Uplifts your well-being and,
reaches out to touch other’s hearts.

Patricia Sandra Koby

Messages of the heart is an inspirational book written with humour. It is a quest to encourage people to unite with the Divine Infinite Light and Love that resides in your core heart and expands into the infinite universe that waits for you to be united to fill you of it's loving essence that heals and uplifts your well being and to shine it's light onto your descisions actions and commitments.

Throughout the book I share the way that I have found to unite with Divine light and love. It lights up my path as I experience a more fulfilling life. Website:

With Love to You.




The Napkin The Melon & The Monkey

Barbara Burke — The Napkin The Melon & The Monkey

How to Be Happy and Successful by Simply Changing Your Mind

This modern-day fable shows us that the best way to reduce stress is to cultivate mindfulness. While we cannot control much of what happens, we can get better outcomes if we stop to see situations clearly and calmly.
  • SODA (Stop. Observe. Decide. Act)—a sure-fire formula for remaining calm in any situation
  • Unplugging—a centuries-old practice to reduce anxiety and promote creativity
  • Aha!s—22 practical insights that become the framework for living a happy life
What Does That Mean?
Eldon Taylor — What Does That Mean?

Exploring Mind, Meaning, and Mysteries

Enlightenment is not something that can just be handed to you. The closest thing to it that you can receive are thoughts and questions that can lead you inward in the search for meaning. What Does That Mean? is full of thoughts and questions that do just that. Some insights you may have thought of and then forgotten, and others you may have experienced but simply haven't appreciated.



Crystal Of The Month:


Clear Quartz: (Harmony, meditation, protection & infinite possibilities)

The clear quartz crystal can be programmed with whatever qualities you desire, for just like you, this crystal is full of infinite possibilities!! You can reflect on all that you would love to have and achieve in life and infuse into your clear quartz.. wonderful :)

Clear Quartz


Quote of the Day: 

"I am not discouraged, because every
                          wrong attempt discarded is another
                                             step forward."   
                                                                             - Thomas Edison


Love where you are, love who you're with and love what you do.

Affirmation for the Day:

"Endless good now comes to me in endless ways"


Card of the Day


Music : Music brings happiness and understanding to the world. The angels guide you to immerse yourself in beautiful music.

Let the vibration move you and speak to your soul. Your musical talents can help others.

Interesting Sites:

PS: If anyone has a website they would like me to list in my newsletter just let me know and I will place it here.

Phone readings available am or pm Tuesday to Saturday, please see my website for details


we always get what we focus on... either the problem, or the solution...choose well


I would like to thank everyone for their continued support in my work

Stay Safe and Blessings till next time, Sheryl J

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