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Sheryl’s Newsletter

September 2008

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it’s September already?  My, how quickly this year has gone!  Christmas shopping was mentioned the other day and I didn’t go into panic mode (ha, not much!) as I realised how close it is.

Christmas: a time for families and getting together.  How wonderful! 

I was thinking that this month would be a good time to clear any negativity about family members or events surrounding the Festive Season.  If you like writing things down - do it that way.  Alternatively you might prefer affirmations, gratitude or meditation…whatever works for you.  The object of the exercise is simply to clear any blockages regarding Christmas so you have a peaceful, joyous and happy time.

We really are lucky to have wonderful people in our lives and I am truly grateful.  I am also grateful for the freedom I have.  What are you grateful for in your life??

Wellness & Awareness Weekend

I would like to reflect on our Wellness and Awareness weekend which was held in late August.  What a wonderful three days it was!  Sincere thanks to Carol at the Peregian Hotel for providing the venue to show our talents.

Carol shared our viewed that this event was a great success.  As she wrote:  “An auspicious start to an annual if not biannual event.  I’m very happy with the support we received and have taken on new ideas etc to make the next one bigger, better and brighter.  Great opportunity to showcase our local talent.” Thanks for your support, Carol.

We certainly got to meet some wonderful people over that weekend. Thank you to everyone who gave their time and energy, particularly those who came and supported me.  (Where would I be without my good friends?  Thank you all.)




*      Want to be part of TAROT MAGIC?

*      Ever felt that reading the TAROT is only for the select gifted FEW?

*      Want to be able to SEE into your own future and that of others?

*      Need direction about where your life is headed?


This weekend course is for YOU!


This intense Tarot Workshop is designed to help you become a professional reader, intensify and develop your psychic abilities, get more in touch with your Inner Self, counsel others, or simply add another skill to your repertoire.

It incorporates Symbology, Numerology, Astrology, Colour Interpretation and Story Telling to help develop your Intuition and strengthen your relationship with your Angels and Guides. 

When:                        1st weekend in November (1 & 2 November 2008)

Where:           1 Tecoma Close, Peregian Beach.

Time:             9.00am – 5.30pm


·        Early bird discount: just $200 if paid in full by 17/10/08

·        Full fee/part payment:  $120 paid by 17/10/08 & balance of $120 on 1/11/08 (TOTAL $240)


Facilitator: Jeanette Jones (Professional Member of Tarot Guild of Australia)
Deck used is the Rider Waite.  Please bring your own (or share with someone)
All notes will be supplied.
Certificates will only be given to those attending both days.
Please bring a plate to share for Lunch.

Cheques /Internet Payments/Direct Payments can be arranged with Jeanette, Louise or Carol.

For more Information or to enroll:

·        Call Jeanette: 3882 5834 / 0419 888 140

·        Louise 544 83839 / 0409 859 882

·        Carol 5448 1741 / 0419 100 912

·        Email:


NOTE:  This workshop will also be held at 25 Riviera Crescent, Peregian Springs on the weekend of 22 and 23 November.  Details and costs as above. 

If you’re interested in either workshop, please email me at and I’ll forward you an electronic enrolment form.



This small-group Workshop will feature teachings from Florence Scovel-Shinn.  Teachings include wFacing our fears  wLetting Go  wAngel Intervention in our Lives  wChakra Clearing, and   wMeditation with Healing.  Workshop includes discussion time and non-resistance exercises.  You will need pen and paper, and an open mind.

When:                        SUNDAY 26 October

Where:           15 Jabiru St, Peregian Beach.

Time:             11am to 2.30pm

Cost:                $50 (includes lunch, Masterstones reading and affirmation CD) 

Contact:        Sheryl on 0413 623 758 or email me direct at

Look forward to seeing you there with your happy heart!


Thought for the Day:                      You are on the right path, so keep going.


Affirmation for the Day:     “My heart will sing when I am in Nature and close to the Earth”


Angel Featured:   Gabriel.           The messenger Archangel helps teachers, journalists, writers, and those who want tot work with children. If you feel guided to write, Gabriel will motivate and guide you. If you would like to help children in some way, ask Gabriel for a Divine Assignment. Colour for Gabriel is Dark Yellow.

As part of my work, I am now offering Spiritual Counselling.  This counselling can be offered as a session or included with a reading.  For more information, visit my website at  


My personally-commissioned Masterstones are now available for sale. These beautifully crafted uniquely Australian River Stones are individually hand painted by Aboriginal artist, Shannon.  They come presented in a beautiful carry satchel and each bag of 26 stones contains a hand written scroll of guidance. 

Price per set: $45.00

Wholesale (ex-GST) available to anyone with a business (shop/markets etc). I will soon post more information on my website regarding this.


To order your set of Masterstones, visit


Have a wonderful and successful Month. 

Until next time…take care,

Blessings Sheryl J


PS:  Don’t miss the next edition of my newsletter which will feature information about the power of Switchwords. 



Sheryl’s Newsletter  July 2008

Hi to Everyone,

Earlier this week I was reflecting on the
fact that it's already July, which means
we're already half way through 2008!

To me, this is the perfect time to
re-evaluate where you're at and give
yourself a motivational kick start,
so you can still achieve the things
you wanted to achieve during the year.

School Holidays, busy for some, it’s a relaxed time and also good for people in the retail industry, pity about the rain but I feel its a wonderful abundance of rain that we get here on the Coast and to share it is also a good thing..

Tax time again and our thoughts are of money coming back to us, our focus is on abundance, there are many ways to receive abundance by just putting our thoughts out there, I like to say affirmations daily to keep the flow continual, one of my favourites is : ‘ My supply comes from God, I have the magic purse of the spirit, It can never be depleted,  As money goes out, Immediately money comes in, it is always crammed, jammed with abundance under grace in perfect ways’ J

Some wonderful news that Gerry & Esther Hicks are coming to Australia, in our part of the land at the Gold Coast on December 7, you can see the details if you check their website, Im putting it out there that I can attend. Thought I would leave this information in from last month’s newsletter…

Upcoming Events:      1.         The final arrangements are being put together for our Wellness & Awareness weekend at Peregian Beach Hotel (Upstairs Mezz Bar)…The flyers are almost complete and a meeting is being held for all participants on the 10th Aug…….. There will be a variety of things to take your interest,  from reflexology, to skin care to health products, psychic readers, cosmetic accupunture, white flower essences & cards, Numerology, reconnective healing, organic wines, reiki and much more….We hope to see lots of people attending as I feel there is something for everyones tastes, come and enjoy.

Dates: 22nd August to the 24th August. 10am to 5pm.

Thought for the Day:   ‘Don’t be afraid to bite off more than you can chew!’

Affirmation for the Day:        “I now see clearly the perfect plan of my life, Divine enthusiasm fires me and I now fulfil my destiny”

Angel Featured this time:     Michael (Archangel) means “like unto god” or who is like unto god” Michael is one of the most celebrated of the angels, he is called the Archistrategos, or Chief Commander of all the bodiless powers….He is a defender of faith and is often invoked for protection…Michael can be with all people at all times and is a true guardian, his actions can be instantaneous, just pray or ask Archangel Michael for anything you need help with..

As part of my work, I am now offering psychic councelling, I will be adding some information soon on my website, this councelling can be offered as a session or be included with a reading…..for any information just contact me

I have now been able to put the last 2 newsletters on my website and you can now subscribe to this newsletter via the website  If you know anyone who like to subscribe please ask them to check the website, thankyou.

Welcome to Trish who has subscribed this week..

New Info:    New Age Breakfast, every month (Friday morning) held  from 8am at Annette's Cafe (Gateway Drive, Noosaville, close to Office Works)

Please bring your business cards, flyers, promotional materials. If you have anything for our newsletter (workshop, meetings, buy-sell-swap section,...) Please contact Heidi (Crystal Power) for the next meeting or any information  email

Things to Come:   I will be holding a one day workshop for anyone who would like to attend.  This will be held in October, I will supply more info ie: time, date, price etc in the September issue, An affirmation CD will be included in the price on the day.

If anyone has any info they would like included in the next newsletter, please let me know and if anyone has any books they would like to recommend I will include them in next month’s newsletter..

Have a wonderful and successful Month, till next time take care,

Blessings Sheryl J


Sheryl’s Newsletter  June 2008

Hi to Everyone,

My newsletter is getting out later than I expected this month but a big warm welcome for June, the weather has been kind and we have the chance now to wear those wonderful woolies we had put away..

Some wonderful news that Gerry & Esther Hicks are coming to Australia, in our part of the land at the Gold Coast on December 7, you can see the details if you check their website, Im putting it out there that I can attend.

Upcoming Events:      1.    Psychic expo Peregian Beach Hotel (Upstairs Mezz Bar)  now on 22nd August(Friday) to 24th (Sun)…I and other friends will be working at the expo..Healings, Readings, Gong Master, Numerology, and lots more.

More  wonderful news that a good friend of mine(Demi) has now her website up and running, along with her story in the new book “The Path To Success” (Compiled by Sandy Foster) lots of truly wonderful and inspirational stories in this book which is available for sale on Demi’s new website  Congratulations Demi, I can highly recommend the book, I was truly inspired..

Another notable mention is for Ian & Lorraine Hildebrand who are doing vortex energy healing, reconnective healing, I hear they are getting some wonderful results from their work, We are hoping to see them at the Peregian Markets soon, if you would like to contact them for a healing ph: 07-5446 1919 or 0415 291 956.

What a beautiful full moon this month, time for clearing and planting the new seeds for your abundance.  Light a candle, say a prayer, chant a spell, love life..

Thought for the Day:             Change your thoughts, and you change your destiny. (Joseph Murphy)

Affirmation for the Day:        New fields of Divine activity now open for me, unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free!!

Angel Featured this time: Zadkiel (pronounced ZAD-kee-el) His name means “righteousness of God” . He heals memory problems and assists with other mental functions,  Many scholars believe that Zadkiel was the angel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. The Kaballah describes Zadkiel as a co-chieftan who assists Michael in protecting us from lower energies.                     Cont… page

I have been very busy last 3 weeks which I am truly grateful for, plus  my masterstones are in the process of production, with the bags being finished today for collection, I am in the process of having the scroll printed and am confident that I will have the stones ready for production and sale by end August.  I use my masterstones in each reading and find that they confirm that the universe is sending us unique messages through them, their touch is tactile, smooth, and spiritual.

If anyone would like to book in for a reading or an email reading just give me a call 0413 623 758  or check out my website  for email. I am still working at the Wishing Well at Coolum (New Age Shop) 4 days, or have a reading at my home in Peregian Beach, thankyou.

Have a wonderful and successful Month, till next time take care,

Blessings Sheryl J



Sheryl’s Newsletter  May 2008

Hi to Everyone,

What a wonderful week, beautiful sunshine every day and a joy to be alive..

I thought I might send a newsletter to all my friends and colleagues to keep you updated on what’s happening and also just to say hello…

I now have my website up and running, not completed fully as yet (but Im working on it) so if anyone would like to have a browse please do.  

I am now offering email readings as part of my spiritual work, you can get the details on the website, see FAQ’s for any specifics…

I would like to mention that a good friend of mine Peter Pickett has started his work as a clairvoyant/medium recently, you can see his details on my links on the website, welcome Pete…

I feel a positive shift in energy around us all which started on May 5th, it’s a time to get out from under any pressure and go for it!!!!

Thought for the Day:             All things are connected…Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the Earth.. (Chris McGee)

Affirmation for the Day:       I feel powerful, excited and passionate about today!

Upcoming Events:     1.         Psychic expo Peregian Beach Hotel(Upstairs)  16th June to 23rd dates to be confirmed more info forthcoming…I and other friends will be working at the expo..                

Also a reminder that I do readings at my home in Peregian Beach on Wednesdays & Thursdays, some evenings available by appointment. My work at the Wishing Well , Coolum continues as per normal other days..

Angel Featured this time: Jophiel (pronounced JO-fee-el) which means “beauty of god” she heals negative and chaotic situations, and brings beauty and organization to our thoughts, homes,offices, and other environments, as well as lifting negativity in these areas. Some traditions call her lofiel or Sophiel.  Jophiel is known as the “patron of artists” and the Torah describes her as an upholder of Diving Law..

Blessings and love to all,

Take care, till next time, Sheryl



















2008 © Sheryl Mayfield-Smith

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2008 © Sheryl Mayfield-Smith